The Blue Dream Cannabis Strain is an amazingly potent cross between the Blueberry Strain and the Haze Strain and is a sativa dominant cannabis hybrid strain. The majority of the history of this strain has seemed to be wiped from the history of cannabis strains but seems to have been hailed to originate from Santa Cruz, CA. The cannabis strain we have available to us today is thanks to DJ Short, a legendary breeder. 


The way I happened across this cannabis strain is by going to my local dispensary, Main Street Meds, and asking the budtender for their recommendations for a sativa strain. Though this is a hybrid, it is sativa dominant and happened to be on a deal that day.


The first thing I saw with the Blue Dream Cannabis strain is how lightly frosted it is and the appearance of orange hairs throughout the nuggets. When pulling the buds apart I saw more of an array of colors from a lime green to a darker forest green, a creamy like trichome texture and a slight purple where the buds touch. It seemed like a crime to touch it. 

Smelling the bud gives a light earthy aroma with an even more light citrus aroma. Not giving any true depth to smells at all. When lighting it, it has a dank hovering scent where you know you are consuming some serious cannabis. 

My routine consists of trying the strain in the pipe first and I must say I was not disappointed. The first thing it gave me on my taste palette was earthy but not overwhelmingly so, and tasted more like a tree than dirt. There is a pungent note to it that isn’t overwhelming either. Right at the tail end seems to be a small sweet flavor profile.

Being that this hybrid is a sativa dominant strain, the fuzzy cloud is often overtaken by thoughts. For me it was building business lego blocks as well as food recipes I’d like to try. If that type of thought process interests you, please click here to join our mailing list. After salivating about ideas of recipes I tended to be doing some sort of chore and continue on the path of thinking. More business lego blocks, more food recipes, and where my life is now. Oh no. That’s a spiral!

The thought spiral and the fact I worked up a small sweat from doing a few chores made me very snacky. One thing I noticed is it didn’t really matter what I was snacking on, I wanted a bit of it all. Something crunchy, then something zesty, then something sweet, and maybe some cereal as well.



For sure the Blue Dream cannabis strain will accentuate your sense of hearing. I know I turned the volume down on everything at least twice while smoking this strain and what I thought I was hearing was actually someone else’s device turned down to the lowest volume. Both times I chuckled to myself. 




In the pipe the Blue Dream cannabis strain has a very pungent and flavorful taste and aroma. It is smooth overall with no real coughing until getting to the end of the bowl. 

When rolled in a Camo blunt, the flavor of the Camo does tone down the natural notes of the flavor, though not the aroma. Inhaling even in a blunt is rather smooth, not enticing coughing at first. The coughing tends to come once there is a resin build up in the tip of the cigarillo, which is more than likely due to the nature of smoking a blunt at all.


Overall I was very pleased with this recommendation and would in fact ask for it again. I like that it can get my mind working in the right direction and I even like that it can assist in the daily motivation of adulting. With that being said, I would definately recommend and will be purchasing again. Anything that can motivate you on the day to day with adulting, is a win in my books.